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ALASKA is another side project of DJ KEFIR. He wanted to put some new sounds into dance music and he named the artist name “ALASKA” because the whole world can pronounce it easily just by reading it and Alaska itself is a land that is not quite known so he wanted to be a pioneer, meaning a pioneer to a new sound in dance music.

This is his first single called KATYUSHA, released in October, 2012.
You can get a copy through iTunes and Beatport.

Released on October 11th, 2012 from Audio Boutique

Check out the YouTube video that KEFIR made:

You can also listen on Soundcloud:

First Collaboration Track with a Japanese Artist

DJ KEFIR starts his yearly tour in Japan from 2011. One of the reasons that brought him to Japan was his first collaboration track with a Japanese sing-a-song writer, hiro:n. She wrote the lyrics right after the Big Earthquake in Tohoku. Her prayers for peace is put into her lyrics. KEFIR and hiro:n made a track via Internet and finally they meet in Japan to shoot a music video for this track. Here is hiro:n’s blogs where she introducues the track with KEFIR.

hiro:n’s thoughts

hiro:n’s blog about the track in English and in Russian

Here is the lyrics for the track, “LOVE IS EVERYWHERE”


lyrics: hiro:n
music: DJ KEFIR

悲しみなど 嫌になる
I want to paint ,not pain
私なりに pray for change

神様の瞳を 信じてるeveryday
Asiaの風が うちらのstreetを結び

give me 境界線のないmusicを
let me play back new school &old school
each roots, each sense, but same soul

You can get a copy of this track from iTunes, Amazon, and vibirth.

You can check it out on YouTube as well:

The cover photo for the track was designed by a Japanese painter & designer, JACK. After a few years, KEFIR and JACK get together at a Live Paint event at one of the biggest night clubs in Nagoya, Japan, iD Cafe. It was iD Cafe’s first time ever to do a live paint in their own club.

(cover photo comes here)

Thanks to:



Tomokazu Yui and Kazuhiko Yabuki (VJ), who were the ones that said yes to do something new with KEFIR and connected him to hiro:n.