New Website!

We are glad and proud to announce that DJ KEFIR’s official website is released today, on October 16th, 2015. We want to make this a fresh start and hoping to get connected with more fans, more people around the world. We have made a page in English, Russian, and Japanese for you to choose. To enjoy his music, we have a great player ready for you on this website. Just go to the “Radio” section and play with it! You can even download if you wish. You can learn a lot about DJ KEFIR on this website. Also, this is mobile friendly so it is also perfect to see and enjoy from your smartphones and tablets.

Let’s all get connected through DJ KEFIR’s music and be united!

Special thanks to Nick Edges, who has devoted his time in building such a great website!

Check out his work on FACEBOOK:

Great Love,

DJ KEFIR Int'l Manager